15 FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art Illustrations

It’s that time again. School and all the fun that goes with it. Download these FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art Pack to make studying fun!

With summer break almost over, it’s time to start thinking about school. Sorry kids, summer can’t last forever! So, it’s our job to get them excited about going back. Let’s create a fun study vibe for them with the help of this FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art Pack!

We’re giving away this pack of fun, encouraging clip art of all things school related. The bright colors and kawaii faces will make learning more interesting.

So, get your creative juices flowing and utilize these easy-to-use clip arts to create some exciting study tools—a name tag, reward charts, stickers. These clip arts are versatile and a breeze to use. Keep reading to learn more.

What’s Included in This FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art Pack

Inside this clip art pack, you’ll get a total of fifteen clip arts in the form of individual PNG files with transparent backgrounds. Preview each below.

Backpack and Stationeries

Nothing screams school like a backpack and stationery!

Science Stuff

Safety Goggles and Science Beaker Clip Arts
Science beaker and safety goggles, to encourage your kids to stay curious and keep experimenting.

Laptop & Tablet

Laptop and Tablet
Laptop and tablet—our online learning saviors.

Globe & Books

Books and Globe Clip Arts
Globe and booksfor knowing where you are and where you’re going.

Bonus: Stars

Star Clip Arts
Look at these little cuties! They come in various colors and kawaii expressions. Use these clip arts to reward your kids.

How to Download the FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art Pack

Ready to make learning even more fun? Start by downloading these clip arts. Simply click the button below.

You’ll get a ZIP file that you can unpackage to access the contents. Inside the folder, you’ll find fifteen clip art files in PNG format.

Download the FREE Kawaii Back to School Clip Art Pack Here

By downloading this FREE Kawaii Back-to-School Clip Art pack, you agree not to resell or redistribute these assets.

Get Creative: Ideas on Where to Use These Clip Arts

Promotion Materials

Promotional Ideas
Use clip art to create promotion materials for your brand and engage with kids (and parents!).

Name Tag

Name Tags
Create a cute name tag for the first day of school. Mockups via Sabphoto and Sabphoto.


Print them as stickers and let your children place them on their favorite things. Mockup via All for you friend.

Reward Chart

Rewards Chart
Create a fun reward chart to encourage your kids to maintain good habitsand organize!

How to Design a Reward Chart with Shutterstock Editor

Rewards Chart
Weekly reward chart with activity list and days column. A perfect place to utilize those stars!

A reward chart is an effective way to help your kids develop good habitsand earn more stars!

Creating a reward chart is easy and totally worth your time! Below is the step-by-step guide on how to design a simple reward chart using Shutterstock Editor.

Step 1: Create a New Document

With your desktop browser, open Shutterstock Editor, and choose a size for your design. In this tutorial, we’ll choose size A3 (42 x 29.7 cm).

New Document
Create a new document and choose a size. Choose 300 dpi resolution for the best printing results.

Then, change the background to the color of your choice.

Choose Color
Tip: Choose a bright color or your child’s favorite color to enhance their enthusiasm.

Step 2: Create Rows

Now, we’re going to start creating the main component of this reward chart, which is the table.

First, you need to create the rows of the table. To do this, click on Elements > Shape, and select the line icon. Create as many lines as you need, depending on how many activities you plan to assign.

You can easily duplicate the line by clicking ctrl + d (or cmd + d). Then, adjust the alignments by selecting all the lines (you can drag your cursor over your lines to select all the lines), click More, and choose Middle.

Create Rows
Place the horizontal line accordingly, then duplicate it to create rows.

Quick Tip

If you’re not sure that the space between your lines is consistent, you can measure the space with the help of the ruler view and a rectangle shape.

First, make sure you turn on the Ruler view (at the bottom-right of the window). Then, create a rectangle. Use the ruler to measure its size. The size of the rectangle will be the size of your cell table.

Ruler View
Measure the size of the rectangle using the ruler.

For an A3 print size, the recommended size for the rectangle is 3×2 cm. Use this rectangle element as a tool to measure the line space.

Elements Tool
Utilize the rectangle option from the Elements tool to measure.
Adjust Spaces
Adjust the space between lines.

Click Group to combine the lines as a united element, then click on the padlock icon to lock it. Once you’ve locked it, you’re free to put any additional elements on top of it without disturbing the locked element.

Lock Lines
Lock the lines once positioned.

Step 3: Create Columns

To create columns, the steps are similar to creating rows. However, when you create the line, rotate it to make a vertical line. Create seven vertical lines for the days column. You can use the rectangle that we used to make sure the space between lines is consistent.

When you’re done, delete the rectangle. Now, adjust the alignments by selecting all the lines, click More, and choose Center.

Days Column
Create seven vertical lines for the days column.

Step 4: Create Table Border

To create the outer border of the table, simply make a new rectangle from the Elements tool. Next, unlock all the objects that you locked earlier, and select all the lines of the table to set it as Group.

Group Table
Once you’ve grouped the table, it’s super easy to adjust and resize.

Step 5: Decorate with Clip Art

After the table is ready, write down the title, column name, and activities.

To make your table look fun, decorate it with clip art. Upload the clip arts by clicking on My Files > Uploads > Upload image.

Decorate Reward Chart
Decorate your reward chart with clip art to make it eye-catching.
Download Design
Your design is ready to download and print! Mockup via Mallmo.

Prior to printing, download the design to save it on your computer. Choose the pdf file type for printing, and you’re ready to print as many copies as you need.

Now for the cute, yet rewarding, part . . .

Step 6: Preparing the Stars

As previously mentioned, the star clip arts are perfect to use as a reward in the days column. The easy way to do this is by printing these stars as stickers.

Before printing, make sure the size fits the table you just created. Don’t worry, it’s easy! Simply place the stars on the cell and adjust the size to make sure it’s not too big for the cell.

Place Stars
Place the stars on the reward chart design you created earlier.

Now, select all the stars, then cut (ctrl+x or cmd+x) and paste it (ctrl+v or cmd+v) on a new blank document. Duplicate as many as you need.

Step 7: Download for Print

Download the file by clicking the red Download button on the top-right corner. Choose the PDF file type for the best print quality.

Print Stars
Download and print the stars on sticker paper.

Load quality sticker paper to your printer. Now, your stars are ready to print! With these stars as incentive, kids will be motivated to learn even more!

Reward Chart Final Product
You did it! You successfully created a rewards chart! Mockup via Indre Pau.

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