Create Captivating Brand Videos with Access to Shutterstock and Spirable

This new integration makes it easy to insert creative assets directly into branded video projects

Marketers and content creators are often challenged to find new and exciting ways to engage their audiences and drive results. At a time when people are inundated with content from friends, family, publications and brands, finding ways to compete and captivate a target market requires both strategy and creativity.

Access Shutterstock content directly from within the Spirable interface

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Spirable, a leader in dynamic data-driven video advertising, to help creatives quickly access inspiring Shutterstock visuals directly from within the Spirable tool. Based in London, Spirable works with exciting global brands like Heineken, Oreo, Neutrogena and Pandora to help users easily create and distribute videos to keep audiences engaged throughout the customer journey. 

“Compelling video content is critical to captivate audiences and set brands apart from the pack,” said Alex Reynolds, VP of Platform Solutions at Shutterstock. “We’re thrilled to partner with a global leader like Spirable to help users access Shutterstock content and quickly produce dynamic videos that will excite and inspire their audiences.”

This integration with Spirable, a Dynamic Creative technology that enables the creation of personalized, real-time ads based on live and contextual data, marks the first of its kind for Shutterstock. 

Photo by Dirima

This integration empowers teams to create inspiring video content on the fly. Here’s how.

Automated Sync of Licensed Shutterstock Assets

When photos and videos are licensed on Shutterstock, Premier customers can now automatically search and import these assets without leaving the Spirable tool.  

With this automatic sync, there is no more need to manually upload assets. Users can also access the licensed media from any connected device, so organizations can save on asset re-licensing costs and find the best media for every project.

Insert Content Directly Into Video Projects

Quickly search Shutterstock content from the Spirable tool and then with one click, insert assets directly into any video project. Choose exactly where in the video you’d like the asset to appear and then easily export the finished product once it’s complete. The one-click feature is intuitive and makes building out visually compelling videos content easier than ever before.

Photo by Chitsanupong Pakdeekul

“Our partnership with Shutterstock is central to our mission to help brands better connect with their audiences in meaningful and relevant ways,” said Lauren Evans, Chief Marketing Officer at Spirable. “Seamless access to Shutterstock assets, directly through the Spirable platform, now makes it easier than ever for brands to create the most impactful video creative, quickly and at scale.”

With the power of Shutterstock and Spirable, marketers can now quickly access licensed Shutterstock assets to create engaging video content that inspires audiences, sets brands apart, and impacts the bottom line.

To launch this integration, email [email protected] and a member of the Shutterstock Integrations team will reach out with next steps.

Feature image by Denis Moskvinov

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