Editors in Their 20s and 30s Agree on These 4 Trends (But Disagree on These 2)

I wish this was sponsored by Survey Monkey because I had a blast sending a summer trends poll to my fellow editors and analyzing the results. I surveyed 16 Who What Wear editors across our editorial, branded, and social teams and compared answers from the 9 editors in their 20s against the seven editors in their 30s.

The result? The two age groups ended up on the same page about many summer trends but differed greatly in two of the categories. For instance, when presented with three options to choose from—namely, Kermit the Frog green, bubblegum pink, and butter yellow—the two groups couldn’t agree on the top color of the season and voted overwhelmingly for different hues. Scroll down for the rest of the results from my survey of Who What Wear editors. 

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