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This is a heartier take on a classic dish that typically pairs green beans and almonds. Slivered almonds are accompanied by a little extra spice and a hint of sweetness. The lemon-dressed quinoa pilaf adds moisture to help steam the green beans, while imparting all of its bright flavour. Be sure to select young, tender beans for maximum flavour and a beautiful delicate texture.

To assemble parchment packets in advance and pack them for travel, cut parchment paper into 4 pieces measuring approximately 20 x 14 in (50 x 35 cm). On large work surface, lay parchment pieces out flat and divide bean mixture among the parchment pieces. Seal packets by folding long edges of parchment toward the centre, rolling, and crimping up edges. 

If you’re cooking on an open grill, you may prefer aluminum foil, which can be placed directly on hot coals or on the grate of a hot grill.

For longer trips, the pilaf and almonds can be made in advance, packed separately, and mixed with beans when ready to cook.

Once cooked, this dish is also great served as a cold salad.

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