How Often You Should Cut Your Hair, In Case You’re Curious

Kind of. Everybody’s hair grows at the same rate, regardless of texture (which, hairstylist Anthony Dickey, founder of Hair Rules, notes, clocks to about ¼ to ½ inch per month). Although, curls may be more prone to breakage and splits (requiring extra moisture), so you may have to assess your own strands and trim the ends more frequently if need be. “Tangles and snags will let you know it’s time to trim your ends,” Dickey adds. 

Consequently, Stenson notes that protective styles—think box braids, flat twists, jumbo cornrows, and more—may allow for longer time between trims, as these reduce friction and damage on the strands. Just make sure to switch out the braids every two to three weeks to prevent breakage (breakage requires more trims, remember?). 

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