I’ve Never Had Such an Intense Urge to Shop: 39 Items I’m Drooling Over

Usually, when the first of January rolls around, I am filled with a strong desire to get my life into shape and start on all my resolutions. This year, however, felt a tad darker and I felt a little less motivated than usual. Instead, what I felt was an intense urge to shop. That’s healthy, right? Regardless, I decided to lean into my shopping craving and scoured the internet like there was no tomorrow. What I found were 39 items that made me weak in the knees. Including an array of stunning basics, trendy must-haves, and everything in-between, I have a feeling you too will be overwhelmed with how good these finds are. 

Before you dive in, there is one thing you need to know: Who What Wear Collection just dropped new products, and it’s the best drop yet (at least in my opinion). So prepare to see tons of my favorite pieces from the collection alongside other noteworthy new arrivals I’ve discovered lately. If you weren’t in the mood to shop before this, you will be in 3, 2, 1…

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