Over 440 FREE Sound Effects for Videos, Apps, Films, and Games

This collection of curated sound effects is completely FREE to use for whatever project you’re working on. Download these FREE SFX today! 

With over 440 sound effects, you have just about every sound you can imagine for any project. Whether you need the sound of a creaking door to add suspense to a scene, or increasingly faster and louder drums for an epic trailer, this collection has it all. 

The best part is that all of these sounds effects are entirely FREE. Yes, you heard that right. You don’t need to sign up for a newsletter or create an account. You can download and use any of these sound effects for whatever project you’re working on—be it commercial or personal. There’s no gotcha—scout’s honor. 

Just don’t sell or redistribute any of these FREE sound effects, and we’re good.

With the sound effects being MP3 files, they’re super-easy to pop into any timeline, whether that be Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve

Keep on reading to find the FREE SFX perfect for your project or download them all to use later. 

7 FREE Cat Sound Effects

While all meows may sound the same to the untrained ear, a true scholar of cat meows can tell the difference. Instead of using the same cat meow over and over again for your project, download this pack of FREE cat sounds, which contains seven different cat meows for your editing pleasure. Also, you can just play these meows back to fool your cat.

Download FREE Cat SFX Here

15 FREE Gardening and Backyard Sound Effects

This sound effects pack comes with the sounds of dads everywhere—drilling screws, mowing the grass, raking and blowing leaves. To add the sounds of summer and fall to your project, play around with this FREE dad-simulator sound pack that includes fifteen gardening and backyard sound effects. 

Download FREE Gardening and Backyard SFX Here

15+ FREE Household Sound Effects W/FREE Room Tone 

There’s nothing like the quotidian sounds of household living to add a bit of aural texture to your indoor scenes. Flushing toilets, dogs barking, knocking on doors, washing dishes—these are the kinds of sounds you can expect. This pack also includes room tone, which is an extra layer of sound design you can use to fill up the silent, empty spaces in your projects. 

Download 15+ FREE Household-Inspired Sound Effects and Room Tones

10 FREE Christmas Sound Effects

Ho, Ho . . . hold on. We know it’s not Christmas just yet. These Christmas sounds, however, are good to have for when the best time of the year comes around. Deck the timeline with the jolly sounds of Christmas.

Though this pack is full of Christmas sounds, some of the sound effects can be used for other projects, as well. The crackling fireplace sound is a perfect fit for an indoor scene in need of some texture, and the gift unwrapping sound can be used whenever a subject is opening a package, sandwich, or what have you.

Get Free Christmas Sound Effects Here

50+ FREE Cooking Sound Effects

Not to put you on the hot seat, but no matter which way you dice it, you’ll need these sound effects for any cooking projects you’re working on. With over fifty FREE cooking sound effects included in the pack, you have a variety of cooking sounds—from dicing an onion to sharpening a blade to frying an egg. There are even beer-opening and wine-glass-clinking sounds. Whether you’re cooking up a fun video or punching up a half-baked idea, these sound effects will spice things up a bit. 

Get FREE Cooking Sound Effects Here

18 FREE Office Sound Effects

While many of us have forgotten what the office sounds like, this pack of FREE office sounds features all the classics and more. You can find sounds such as typing, elevator ding, and good ole office ambiance. Actually, there are two different office ambiance sound effects to choose from. If you’re shooting a corporate video or commercial, these office sound effects could come in handy. Offices can be quiet places, but there are many sounds to isolate and focus on, which can bring some life to your project. If only there was a “Mondays huh?” sound effect to really make it feel like being back in the office.

Download FREE Office Sound Effects Here

How to Make Your Own Foley + 41 FREE Sound Effects

Recreating sounds for videos is what foley artists do, but you too can be a foley artist with nothing more than a microphone and your creativity. For example, you can record celery being snapped to mimic the sound of breaking bones, as Robbie explains in the video above. To get exactly what you need, it may be worth recording sound effects for your project. But, if you don’t have the time, we’ve put together forty-one FREE sound effects that range from walking on crunchy snow to burping. 

Download FREE Sound Effects 

25 FREE Unique Vintage SFX

With sound effects, beat loops, risers, ambiance, and transitions, this FREE vintage sound effects pack is a must-have for any editor. The static, glitchy sound effects are perfect for creating tension or suspense, while the risers and transitions are perfect for trailers. For a creepy, sci-fi ambiance, look no further than this sound effects pack. 

Get FREE Vintage Sound Effects Here

15 FREE Ambient SFX

Setting the scene is much easier when you have an accompanying sound. When editing footage shot in a forest or café, the background sound is important for the audience because it makes the scene more believable. That kind of immersion is what audiences are looking for. If the sound you captured isn’t quite what you wanted, this pack of FREE ambient sound effects can help. Just drop the sound on your timeline and let it play in the background. 

Get FREE Ambient Sound Effects Here

Foley artists spend a lot of time recreating the footsteps of the on-camera talent, matching their pace and the terrain they’re walking, running, or jogging. It’s thankless, delicate work that requires a deft ear and penchant for recreating sounds. Thankfully, this sound effects pack comes with forty FREE footstep sound effects. You’ll find footstep sounds with varying terrain, footwear, and pace. 

Get FREE Footstep Sound Effects Here

Sci-fi UI: 29 FREE Computer and HUD SFX

Unlock your Inner Tony Stark with these FREE heads-up display (HUD) sound effects. Beeps, boops, pings, and clicks are just some of the sounds you can expect in this pack. For projects using any type of special effects overlay, these sound effects are the perfect companion. One practical use for many of these sound effects is using them when interacting with phones or other technology, such as receiving a message or opening an app. 

Get FREE Sci-fi UI Sound Effects Here

40 FREE Explosion VFX and SFX

Get ready to have your mind BLOWN! This pack of FREE explosion effects not only comes with amazing explosion VFX but also includes explosion sound effects to make the explosions feel more believable. Part of selling an explosion comes from the sound it makes, and these sounds don’t disappoint. The pack includes over twenty-five explosive sound effects that you can drop anywhere on your timeline.  

Get FREE Explosion SFX Here

20 FREE Movie Trailer Sound Effects

Remember old trailers? They weren’t good—nothing like the loud, fast-paced, anxiety-inducing, fever-dream trailers of today. If you need to make a contemporary trailer with all the bells and whistles that come with it, you may want to acquaint yourself with this pack of FREE movie trailer sound effects. With risers, atmospheres, and slams, you have the basic ingredients for creating a weapons-grade movie trailer worthy of playing in cinemas everywhere. Just take a look at the video above—a very meta trailer about movie trailer sounds to use for creating a movie trailer—and tell me you’re not absolutely hyped. 

Download FREE Movie Trailer Sound Effects Here

80+ FREE Cinematic Atmospheres

While sound design can be about matching footsteps and other actions on screen—such as drinking or zipping up a jacket—it’s also about setting the mood. One way to do that is with music, but atmospheres are also useful, creating a quiet sound that drifts into the background. This pack is overly generous and contains over eighty sounds that are split into five downloads. Each download contains one full atmosphere track, as well as the samples used for the track and loops that you can use endlessly. 

Get FREE Cinematic Atmospheres Here

10 FREE Glitch Sound Effects for Video Projects

Editing late one night, an editor runs into a problem. They need glitch sound effects for the video they’re working on, but the deadline is a few hours away. There’s no time. An old radio, covered in layers of dust, flickers on. A voice is on the other end, noise cutting off every other breath.

Radio Voice: [static] Make [distortion] rock [static] . . . fects [fade].

The editor tries to look for the radio. It’s underneath piles of gear. 

Radio Voice: Listening to [hum] and [hiss] load [static] pack [fade].

The editor finds the radio and tweaks the channel until it’s clear.

Radio Voice: If you’re listening to this, head to RocketStock dot com and download their pack of FREE glitch sound effects. 

End transmission.

Download FREE Glitch Sound Effects Here

FREE SFX Pack: 30 Horror Sound Effects

Don’t be afraid to download this pack containing FREE horror sound effects. Blood and guts just aren’t enough anymore to scare audiences. When it comes to horror, sound is just as important as the effects. Sometimes, it’s not the jump scare but the scream that gets you. You need creepy whispers, loud slams, screeching, and other horror sound effects to really sell a scare. You’ll find all those sounds and more in this pack of scary-good sound effects. 

Get FREE Horror Sound Effects Here

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