Peep All the Pics from Princess Diana’s Trip to NYC in 1989

The Crown Season 4 is technically about the Queen, but let’s be honest: we’re all here for Princess Diana. The season spends a lot of time focusing on the breakdown of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ relationship, but towards the end, we see Diana step fully into her iconic role as the “People’s Princess” during a trip to New York City. Despite resistance from the royals, Diana went on the trip by herself and it was a gigantic success. She didn’t just shake hands with elite dignitaries and go to fancy events (though there was some of that, too). She spent a lot of time meeting and connecting with real people, cementing her reputation at the time as a royal who actually cared and wanted to help (no offense to Her Majesty the Queen!).

Check out these photos to see what Princess Diana’s groundbreaking trip looked like in real life, and in case you’e wondering, no: The Crown didn’t film on location in New York City. Turns out the Netflix show’s NYC scenes were filmed in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, which was used to replicate the area around Henry Street Settlement. Oh, and those skyscrapers? CGI, my friend.

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