Shutterstock Launching Archival Footage Partnership with A+E Networks

Authentic and eye-catching storytelling is a must for any creative industry looking to propel its brand into success, which is why Shutterstock is thrilled to announce its content partnership with media powerhouse A+E Networks.

As one of the most innovative storytelling companies in the world, A+E Networks engages worldwide audiences across multiple platforms through its portfolio of media brands, including The HISTORY® Channel, A&E®, and Lifetime®.

– Mark Garner, Executive Vice President of Global Content Sales and Business Development at A+E Networks

As a content marketplace that provides millions of creatives with access to our extensive library of images, footage, and music, a partnership with A+E Networks provides unparalleled visual content to empower creative industries to tell stronger, more dynamic stories. As we move through this unique time in our world’s history, businesses of all types will benefit from this content opportunity to captivate their customers with remarkable visual footage of inspiring locations around the globe. 

Shutterstock and A+E Networks Partnership

Interiors of an abandoned asylum in Pennsylvania, USA. Image via Shutterstock/A+E Networks’ Collection.

This partnership brings over 18,000 footage clips and 2,000 visual images to Shutterstock’s already extensive library of visual content, with more to come as we move through this partnership. The video footage will be available for our Premier and Enterprise clients, while photos will be available across all platforms on Shutterstock. Here are some of the amazing benefits of this partnership with A+E Networks that we’re sure you’ll be excited about.

Middle Ages Reenactment
Exteriors of a television set about the Middle Ages in Eastern Europe. Image via Shutterstock/A+E Networks’ Collection.

Through this partnership with A+E Networks, creatives at Shutterstock will have access to an extensive library of reenactment content that transports audiences to key moments in global history from the past several decades. Whether you’re looking for reenacted footage of wars, epic battles, historical figures, or history-defining moments, this footage will provide the unique content you need to tell those stories effectively. 

Unique Locations and Jaw-Dropping Moments in Nature and Science

Research Vessel
Daily life on a shark research vessel in the Pacific Ocean. Image via Shutterstock/A+E Networks’ Collection.

A+E Networks’ unparalleled ability to capture jaw-dropping scenes that highlight the beauty of our environment and the science of life will be available through this content partnership. Creatives will be able to access footage from outer space, hidden temples, details of nature in motion, and science-forward visual content.

This content will be of extreme use to Shutterstock’s creative community, as A+E Networks has leveraged the best technology in the world through the use of drones, planes, and helicopters to capture this outstanding library of visual content. 

Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) that Will Blow Your Mind

CGI Landscape
A computer-generated image of a targeted landscape. Image via Shutterstock/A+E Networks’ Collection.

Using the best technology available, A+E Networks’ footage leverages the power of CGI to create moments never before captured on camera. Today’s most advanced technology is used extensively in their library, from recreating historical moments to providing intimate close-ups of nature and science, previously impossible to create. 

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Cover image via A+E Networks/​Shutterstock.

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