The “Ugly” Shoe Trend You Love to Hate Will Pick Up Steam in 2021

As the fashion crowd continues to give the side-eye to antiquated fashion rules, “ugly” trends continue to blossom. These days, it’s really about wearing what makes you feel comfortable (which may include testing out those “uncool but actually so cool” looks) rather than succumbing to the conventional ideology of what’s “flattering.” And while we recently highlighted a range of the more ironic trends that style setters are gravitating toward, we thought we’d take a deeper dive into one of the more polarizing shoe styles that just so happens to be one 2021’s top “ugly” trends.

Get ready because functional sandals (you know the kind—those clunkier two-strap silhouettes) are bound to pick up steam even more over the next year. That’s right. While they’ve been hovering around in the market for a while, designers from 3.1 Phillip Lim to Zimmermann proved that the ironic, more unconventional shoe trend has longevity after showcasing them in their collections.

Whether you’ve loved or loathed the trend in the past, it’s one that could be worth testing out now given their comfortable and fashion-forward nature when worn on their own or with socks come fall and winter.

If you’re on board or have been for a while and want to refresh your offering, that’s wonderful. There’s a range of fresh shopping picks below. If you need a little extra push with some more inspiration, we rounded up how celeb and fashion girls have been wearing the cool trend over the last year as well as how designers interpreted the silhouette.

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