Trailer Watch: A Straight-Laced Highschooler Needs a “Plan B” in Natalie Morales’ Comedy

“Girls are horsefucking and I haven’t even had my first kiss,” says Kuhoo Verma in a new trailer for Natalie Morales’ “Plan B.” The raunchy teen comedy sees the “Big Sick” actress playing Sunny, a straight-laced highschooler who panics when she overhears her classmates discussing their rapidly expanding sexual repertoire, which includes reverse cowgirl.

Sunny holds no illusions about her sexual prowess, or lack thereof. Asked what kind of car her vagina would be, she answers “Ferrari” without hesitation. It “stays covered up and completely untouched in the garage.”

With the encouragement of her slacker best friend (Victoria Moroles, “Teen Wolf”) Sunny decides to host a party and invite her crush. The epic night marks the triumphant debut of her Ferrari — but her first sexual experience leads to a nightmarish incident the next day. She is horrified when a condom “full of goo” falls out of her vagina. Desperately in need of Plan B before her 24-hour window closes, Sunny and her BFF embark on a road trip to Planned Parenthood.

Morales made her feature directorial debut with “Language Lessons,” a platonic love story that took home an audience award at SXSW this year. Also an actress, her credits include “Dead to Me,” “Abby’s,” and “Parks and Recreation.”

Written by “iZombie” scribes Prathi Srinivasan and Joshua Levy, “Plan B” drops on Hulu May 28.

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