Why Every Website with an Upload Button Needs a Creative API

Are your users getting stuck at this common roadblock?

“Upload media” should be an exciting prompt full of possibility. But for too many people, an “upload media” button causes a wave of dread. 

Think of a small business owner trying to create a digital storefront for the first time, who’s just now realizing the need for high quality photography.

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Picture a restaurant manager who wants to build an ad campaign for restaurant week on social media, but doesn’t have the budget for high quality video.

Or, imagine a marketer working on a tight deadline, who sees that “upload media” button and starts to cringe thinking about hours of searching through servers, emails and Dropbox folders to find the right content. 

No matter who’s on the other end of your website’s “upload media” button, chances are, they’re getting stuck. They might not have the time, the resources or the budget to create something new. Or, they might have to spend days trying to find or create the perfect asset for a project. 

Without the right content at their fingertips, they’re dropping off your platform, and they may never come back. 

That’s where creative APIs come in. 

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With a creative API, your product team can give users easy access to massive media libraries — without leaving your platform. All they have to do is hit “upload media,” and they can search millions of assets to find the perfect image, video or soundtrack for a project in seconds. 

Smart product teams know that a seamless user experience keeps end users happy — and keeps them on your platform. 

No more dread, no more dropoff.

[Guide] Why Your Product Needs a Creative API — and 8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing One
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Who needs a creative API?

Creative APIs help companies ranging from small print and merchandise companies to the world’s largest search engines improve user experience and drive revenue for their customers. We’ll break it down below, but the answer to this question is simple: if your platform has an “upload media” button, creative APIs need to be on your radar.

Digital advertising platforms

Small businesses know they need to invest in digital advertising to drive traffic — 70% of people who see a video ad online visit a company’s website. But with limited time and budget, they want to make sure their investment will pay off. Creating an ad you know will resonate with your audience isn’t easy for non-marketers, especially if it’s their first time testing out digital advertising.

Companies like Facebook and Microsoft use creative APIs to make it simple and cost-effective for small businesses to create digital ads that resonate with their audiences. With instant access to millions of images, small business can test multiple photos to get the best performance.

When customers have the ability to build ad creative quickly and easily, they go to market faster and see ROI sooner.

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Website Builders

Building a website is a massive undertaking — especially for small businesses and lean marketing teams. 

Companies like Wix want to make the process easier for customers, whether they’re experienced professionals or first-time website designers. When Wix users hit “upload media,” they can search thousands of stock photos in seconds, all thanks to a creative API integration. 

Cutting down on the number of steps to complete a project reduces cognitive load for your customers and helps them achieve their goals faster. 

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Martech platforms

Marketers depend on high quality photos and videos to fuel campaigns, and 40% say they use stock photos most frequently. 

Martech platforms like HubSpot make their customers’ lives easier by meeting the demand for fast and easy access to stock imagery. 

Anticipating your customers’ needs allows you to build an experience that will delight users and keep them coming back to your platform.

Video creation tools

53% of people say they want to see more video content from their favorite brands, and businesses are scrambling to create enough video content to meet audience demand. 

Video creation tools like Wave.video help customers jumpstart video production with access to thousands of high quality video clips and music tracks. 

Making complicated processes like video production more efficient for your customers helps them save time, reduce costs, and ultimately cut through the noise and achieve their business goals.

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Print on demand companies

For print on demand and merchandise companies, access to licensed imagery opens up a world of opportunities for creating new products and generating revenue.

Print on demand marketplaces like Printify help merchants create one-of-a-kind products with easy access to custom artwork. With access to 300 products and 300 million images, the possibilities for creating punny t-shirts, personalized dog sweaters and the iPhone case that speaks perfectly to your personality are endless.

When artists who use your platform can tap into millions of images in seconds, they can jumpstart creativity and unlock an infinite number of opportunities to drive sales.

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How a creative API can help your product team — and your users

Creative APIs offer platforms a huge range of benefits for your customers, for your internal teams and for your business as a whole.

  • Better user experience. Your platform makes your customers’ lives easier, and providing easy access to content saves them time, effort and frustration.
  • Higher return on investment. Your customers are likely to use the content that’s easiest to find when they see an “upload media” button — and with a creative API, the easiest content to find is also the best content. 
  • Stickiness. Instead of pushing users away, you can make your platform stickier by anticipating their needs and building solutions into your creative interface — which translates into increased engagement, retention and net promoter score.
  • Revenue — for you and your users. Optimizing your customers’ creative workflow helps them achieve their business goals, and keeps them coming back to your platform again and again. 
  • Efficiency. Creative APIs take product and development work off of your team, so you can build faster and go to market sooner. 

Ready to learn more?

Now it’s time to dig into the questions you need to ask before integrating a creative API into your product. Check out our new guide, Why Your Platform Needs a Creative API — and 8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing One, to get started!

Plus, join creative API expert Nicole Kwiatkowski, Senior Partner Manager for Shutterstock Platform Solutions, for a webinar on May 18 to get all your questions answered. Sign up now to learn how to delight your users with a creative API.

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